Monday, March 26, 2012

Real Anniversary Shoot: Katelyn and Peter

I am so excited to be bringing you this adorable anniversary shoot from Scott Kretschmann Photography!  Anniversary shoots are kind of a new thing, and I absolutely love them.  In fact, I have been thinking about arranging one for the hubs and I sometime this summer for our one year.  I like the idea of having nice photos of the two of us that aren't from our wedding.  And since most of our pics involve Matt trying to lick me or bite me, we are in dire need of some pretty pics.  But I digress!  Today is about Katelyn and Peter, their super cute love story, and their gorgeous anniversary pics.

Since Kateyln and Peter met in elementary school and started dating in high school, the perfect place to start their anniversary shoot was a local park.  After the park they continued onto the docks at a nearby lake.

Look at those eyes!  So gorgeous!  After the docks it was time to get fancy!  The couple put on their Sunday best (including an awesome necklace from Lipstick n Lashes!) and headed to Top of the World Golf Resort.  How beautiful are these shots?

So pretty!  You can tell from these pictures that these two really love each other!  I love a successful high school sweethearts story!  Congrats to Katelyn and Peter for three years of wedded bliss and special thanks to Scott Kretschmann Photography for sharing this beautiful shoot with us!

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