Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Thing I Love About Weddings

Okay, there are many things I love about weddings, but one of the main things is that each wedding is so different and unique.  For example, a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) has begun her search for the perfect wedding venue.  She is going to have a hip, chic, urban feel to her big day, which is totally different (yet just as awesome!) as mine.  I am having so much fun researching different venues for her to peruse.  All the venues I passed up on my search are perfect for the feel she is going for.  I can't wait to continue helping her plan (if she lets me!). for my own wedding news....dress buying happens this weekend!  Excited and nervous (see my new blog at for more on the nervous).  Should be a relief to get it done, if nothing else.  Got lots of wedding stuff going on in the next couple of weeks.  More bridesmaid dress shopping, boys attire shopping, and engagement pics on April 3rd!  I will post some pics and projects soon!

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  1. Oh, she'll be glad for your help- as long as she remains nameless for the time being! We have to get that guy to put a ring on it.....