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Guest Post: Sabrina from Henit on How to Throw a Bridal Shower

I hope you lovelies enjoy this guest post from Sabrina, full of great info on everything you need to know for throwing a shower that is awesome and fun!

Are you a maid of honor or bridesmaid that needs to plan for that bridal shower for the first time? There is no need to fret as the task may seem daunting and it may seem like a lot of work, but the planning process can really be a lot of fun as well. It takes a few good ideas and a little creativity to create a fun bridal shower that the celebrant will remember forever.

How can anyone do that? Weddings always have that magical feel which also extends to the bride-to-be’s shower. Though a bridal shower is celebrated for the same reason that other brides have bachelorette or hen parties, it does not always have to be about leaving singlehood. It truly is an occasion worth celebrating so much to celebrate a woman’s last night of freedom, but also a great chance for her to spend quality time with close female friends and relatives.

The Difference
What is the difference between a bachelorette or hen party and a bridal shower? In a sense, both are celebrated for the same reason. However, the latter is for brides that are not really keen on spending their last moments of freedom partying.
More often than not, a hen do or bachelorette party takes place in a pub, bar, or club. On the other hand, a bridal shower can take place in more quiet settings. Homes, gardens, restaurants, cafes, and other such locations are perfect for bridal showers.

Party Themes
Having a theme can add fun to any party. Those that enjoy dressing up in fancy attire will definitely love themed parties. There are lots of themes to choose from which can be funny, elegant, beautiful, or even out of this world. The best theme does depend on what the bride wants.
For some theme ideas, five of the more popular themes for bridal showers are:
1.       Travel theme
Any bride that enjoys traveling, but cannot really go elsewhere for her bridal shower will enjoy a travel themed bridal shower. With a little creativity, there are so many ways to go about incorporating this theme. Maps, globe centerpieces, flags of different countries, and an international menu can add color, spice, and fun to the celebration.
2.       Caribbean theme
If you can’t be at the beach, bring the beach to the party by having a Caribbean theme bridal shower! This party theme can bring heat even during the winter season. Of course, if it is winter, make sure to have an indoor party with enough heat as well.
All the guests can party in bikinis, rash guards, or even scuba gear if they wish. Just decorate the whole place with palm trees, water, sand, and some fish.
3.       Lingerie theme
Go for elegance or get just a tad bawdy… a lingerie themed party can be a lot of fun for everyone! Showcase the bride-to-be’s gifts by having clothes lines all over the place.
Have all the guests give lingerie as gifts for the celebrant and showcase those gifts by hanging them in those clothes lines. Aside from being a fun activity and as a means to add color to the venue, those gifts can ensure that the bride is ready with her honeymoon gear!
4.       Country theme
A country theme is a more specific theme compared to the travel theme. If there’s a particular country that the bride-to-be has always wanted to go to. Choose a particular country as a theme. It can be as exotic as Japan or as elegant as France.
Then, choose decorations and the menu based on that particular country. It’s like bringing the celebrant to the place she is longing to visit, but can’t for any reason. This theme can be the next best thing to having a bachelorette or hen weekend abroad.
5.       Paper theme
Enjoy party games like creating the best dress made out of tissue paper with a paper themed bridal shower! This is probably one of the easiest themes to use as it is quite flexible. From magazines to newspaper decorations to engraved stationaries and personalized napkins… the possibilities of decorations, accessories, and giveaways are endless.
These are just some themes that can add color and fun to a bridal shower. Choose a particular theme and make that the basis for the invitation and everything else.

Fun Activities
After an ice breaker, the special occasion will be a lot more fun for everyone with additional activities and games. If you are in need of more than just ice breakers and the usual games for the shower, here are some ideas.
1.       Ballroom Dancing
Dance to any tune or learn to dance to certain tunes with the help of a professional dancer. Aside from being a fun activity, it is the best way to have a flash mob dance choreographed for the wedding reception or prepare the bride for her first dance with her husband.
2.       Karaoke
Feel free and act silly with the bride-to-be’s closest friends and relatives with karaoke. Talent is not even required as it will always be a fun activity that everyone will enjoy. Singing and dancing always brings up everyone’s spirit. It helps if alcohol is served beforehand.
3.       Fortune Telling
Does the bride wish to know what her future will be with her beloved? Get a fortune teller to tell her fortune. All the guests can have some fun having their fortune told as well. Book one for a few hours as it can get quite expensive.
4.       Arts and Crafts
Have a fun activity and learn something new at the same time with some arts and crafts lessons. It can be as simple as learning how to paint or cook a certain dish. The lesson can also be as elaborate as learning how to make jewelry, pottery, or even fascinators.
5.       Henna Tattoo
Perfect for a Caribbean or beach themed shower, having someone do henna tattoos can be a lot of fun. In particular, guests that have always wanted one, but never dared to have a permanent one made will definitely have fun.
Make sure to add fun activities that all the guests will truly enjoy to make sure that the celebration isn’t just unforgettable for the celebrant. These are just some party ideas to consider. Get creative and come up with unique ideas to make sure the bride-to-be gets to have a great time with her closest friends and relatives.

Sabrina Mable is an author and recognized authority on planning hen parties. She currently works for Henit and specializes in creating hen party packages for fun and memorable hen parties in Ireland. She has succumbed and joined the world of social media. Find her on Twitter & Google+.

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