Monday, March 10, 2014

Personal Post: An Update

Hello lovely readers!  Those of you that have kept up with Pink Cupcake Weddings over the years may have noticed my absences, and those of you that have just popped in to check out a post or two may have wondered why there have not been recent updates.  My last post came in early October, right around the time I received some life-changing personal news:  I am pregnant!  I am about six months along now and will be giving birth to my first baby in early June.  Because of that, I have spent most of my blogging energy (which admittedly, hasn't been much energy!) over at my home and life blog, The Bees Times Three.  My life has revolved mostly around Baby Bee these days, which means I have much more to blog about over there than I do over here.  However, it seems like no matter how long I may stay away from PCW, I always end up coming back to my roots.  I started this blog when I was planning my own wedding, and it was my first blogging venture (and remains my most successful).  My life is only going to get busier and more hectic over the next couple of months and I do not want to make promises I may not be able to keep, but I will be popping in and posting when inspiration strikes.  I still have lots of wedding ideas and experiences to share with you, and I want to be able to keep connecting with my loyal readers.  I hope you continue to visit for all of your wedding needs!  I always love hearing from my readers, and I welcome all wedding/engagement/anniversary shoot submissions so shoot me an email here if you are interested!  Thank you for sticking with me !

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