Friday, September 20, 2013

How to Reuse Your Wedding Decor

For me, one of the larger expenses (at least, of what was coming out of my own pocket and not one of our parents, thanks again, Mom!), was decor for our reception space.  While we definitely had a lot of DIY elements, a fair amount of goods still needed to be purchased.  One way I am making those purchases worth it is by reusing some of my favorite decor pieces.  With a little easy makeover, a lot of pieces can go from reception to your home!  This green B was a super cool find.  It is a metal letter that I found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  We used a circusy font on our invitation, and the shape of the letter fit in perfectly with that motif.  I painted the B green just by using craft paint (before I really knew what I was doing with painting).  It has been sitting around our house for a while, so I decided to give this B an update!

First, I sanded down the B and got rid of some of the bumps.  It smoothed out the old paint and gave me a fresh surface to paint.

Then I took gold spray paint and gave the B a few thin coats.  The key to spray paint is to make sure you do quick strokes, keep your hand moving so there are no paint clumps.  Thin coats are super important as well.

Then I moved the B into our dining room and put it on my favorite piece of furniture, this turqoise buffet (click here if you want to see how I painted the buffet!).

I'm not sure where the B will live permanently, but I love the way it came out.  Not only do I get to make good use of my purchase, but it's a constant reminder of my favorite day ever!

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