Friday, March 30, 2012

Real Wedding: Brianna and Mike!

Soooooo excited to share this amazing wedding with you guys today!  These gorgeous pics come to us courtesy of Leah Lee Photography, who not only is super talented, but also has one of the coolest names ever.  Brianna is a dear friend of mine and she and Mike have been together for like a million years now so their wedding really was a celebration of true love.  Brianna is uber crafty and she spent hours working on the details for their day, everything from centerpieces to homemade boutonnieres.  She pretty much rules (and was one of the most gorgeous brides I have ever seen).  Enjoy the eye candy!

Brianna and Mike got married in a great space, the Camarillo Ranch House, which has an awesome combo of outdoor garden, Victorian style house, and rustic barn.  I love their barn mainly because it looks like a barn, but doesn't smell like a barn!  It even has concrete floors!

And who is that awesome band playing?  I think that may be Matt and the Matchmakers!  That guy on the left is super hot...

P.S.  That is one of the best bouquet toss pics I have ever seen.  Those girls are enthusiastic!

Thank you to Brianna and Mike, and Leah Lee for sharing these beautiful pictures with us!  Happy Friday all!


  1. Wow! That is a gorgeous wedding and Brianna was a very beautiful bride. LOVE the flowers and so many other things.

    Leah Lee is a wonderful photographer...beautiful pictures!