Monday, October 25, 2010

Cupcake sticks!

Okay ladies and ladies!  First, a quick update on my wedding plans!  We have settled on our location, and are now trying to figure out the yucky stuff: money, scheduling, and money.  Hopefully it will be taken care of soon!  We also have scheduled our first caterer meeting in two weeks.  We are tasting lots of BBQ yummies AND cupcakes!  I must admit, I had my heart set on making my own cupcakes for the wedding, but Mom stepped in and vetoed that one.  I might have to make some other treats instead!  Speaking of cupcakes, here is my latest project:

Here's what you will need for today:
Colored cardstock, printed stickers (more on this later), a 1" and a 1.5" paper punch
Glue dots, lollipop sticks and scissors

Before you can start the assembly, you need to print out (or purchase) the stickers you want to use.  I invested in a nice color/photo printer since I knew I would be doing lots of projects on my own.  Staples has super cool sticker paper that you can print on and cut into any shapes you want.  I used Microsoft Word and wrote out cute phrases like our initials, wedding date, and xoxo.  Put it into our font and our colors, hit print, and voila!  Of course, if you feel like buying your own pre-made stickers, those will work perfectly too.

Once you have your stickers, the rest is super easy!
Use your 1.5" punch to cut out several circles from your colored cardstock.

 Use your 1" punch to cut out your stickers.  Mine is clear on the bottom, so you are able to see exactly where to punch.

 Adhere the sticker to the colored cardstock.

Use a glue dot to attach your lollipop stick to your circle.
If you want, you can cut the stick to adjust the length.  Gently stick into your cupcakes, and you are done!

Now that I have my printer, I am going a little project crazy.  Here is a preview of what's up next!

See you all soon!  Thanks for tuning in!

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  1. I love these cupcake sticks....they are so cute! They look pretty easy and they add so much cuteness to the cupcake. Love it!