Thursday, August 14, 2014

Five Hard Truths for the Bride on a Budget

1.  A hotel, banquet hall or other common wedding venue is probably not going to be the one for you.  These venues typically charge a rental fee, and then make you order your food and drinks from them.  While the rental fee might seem reasonable, it's the food and drinks that will really drive up the cost.  You want a venue that allows you to bring in your own food, and more importantly (in terms of the budget) your own booze.  Look for parks, community centers, and home association clubhouses when searching for your venue.  They tend to come with lower rental fees and the freedom to bring in your own vendors.

2.  You must cut your guest list.  The easiest way to save money is to limit the number of guests you invite.  A good rule of thumb: If you haven't talked to the person in the past six months, cut them from the list.  If parents or outside parties are insisting on certain people making the cut, ask them to pay for those additional guests.  Otherwise, you are in control of your list.  Be firm.

3.  DIY is a good idea, but be smart about it.  Don't try to DIY your invitations if you have never worked with paper products or graphic design before.  Chances are you will spend just as much money (if not more) trying to get it right as you would have if you had just started with a pro.  Use the skills you have and be realistic about the skills you don't.

4.  Reach out to friends and family for help, but don't expect services for free.  Chances are the people who love you want to help you with your big day, but sometimes asking for things can be tricky.  Try to phrase it like this, "Hi Jane, I would so love it if you could make my wedding cake for me.  I have $300 to spend.  I know that is a tight budget, but is there anything you can do for me that would work in that price range?"  If Jane says yes, awesome, be appreciative and write a heartfelt thank you note.  If Jane says no, that's okay too.  Don't get angry with people who aren't financially able to work with you.

5.  Accept the fact that you are going to have to compromise.  Can you have an amazing wedding on a budget?  Absolutely.  Is it going to look like a $50,000 wedding?  No.  Set realistic expectations for your celebration otherwise you are going to be disappointed.  You might have to work a little harder than the bride with unlimited funds, but that just makes it all the more satisfying on your big day.


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