Monday, September 2, 2013

A Worthy Cause!

Originally, I saw this story over on one of my favorite blogs, Budget Fairy Tale, and I had to jump in and share this amazing story with you guys!  Check out this awesome couple, and if you can, donate to their wedding fund!

Their Story
Kelcie is my sister and Larry is her fiancé. On March 10, 2010 Larry showed me the ring he was getting Kelcie to propose to her with in Disneyland that following week. That night, he got hit by a drunk driver and experienced a severe traumatic brain injury that he continues to recover from today.
He was in a coma for months with Kelcie by his side. She gave up everything to work with him and to help him get better. She even began working at the facility he went to so she could spend as much time with Larry as possible.
Now 3 years later, Larry continues to get better and was finally able to propose to Kelcie! He didn't get the chance to propose to her the way he had intended to, but we now have the chance to give this amazing couple the wedding and honeymoon of their dreams at their favorite place on earth, Disneyland.
Due to the accident, Kelcie and Larry are unable to afford a wedding of any kind and would never imagine that getting married in Disneyland would be possible, but with your help we can make this fairy tale dream a reality!

The Dream
Kelcie and Larry have a lot in common, but their most shared passion is their undying love for everything that is Disney. Getting married in Disneyland would be one of the most amazing experiences they've ever had, especially after everything they've been through together.
Unfortunately, this is of no little expense! Larry's many supporters including his family and ours would love to make this happen, but we simply do not have the funds necessary. This is where you come in!
Help us help Kelcie and Larry get married in Disneyland because they are a real life example of a fairy tale and of true love.

--From the bride's sister, McKenzie, via From Tragedy to I Do in Disneyland!

I am going to be donating to their wedding fund, and I hope you do too!  Best of luck to you Kelcie and Larry, and I hope you get the wedding of your dreams!  Click here to be taken to their fundraising page!

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