Friday, April 20, 2012

What the Pros Want You to Know: Officiants

When planning a wedding, hiring an officiant can sometimes get lost in the shuffle.  Between looking for a venue, caterer, florist, photographer, and DJ, the officiant may seem like a last priority.  But, really, truly, and honestly--you can't get married without an officiant!  He or she really is one of the few vendors you absolutely MUST have.  That makes him or her pretty darn important!  Here are some things officiants want you to know!

*A good officiant will put hours of work into your ceremony.  He/she will spend time getting to know the bride and groom as people.  He/she will pick out specific readings just for you and will work your personalities into your ceremony, making it all your own.  Keep this is mind when collecting price quotes.

*Your officiant should make you feel comfortable and should make you smile.  Chances are, during your ceremony you are going to feel a tad nervous.  Choose an officiant who will put you at ease.

*Officiants need to be booked early, just like any other wedding vendor.  Don't leave your officiant hunt until the last minute, or you might end up being stuck with someone you don't really gel with (remember, you have to have one!).

*Officiants ask the questions they do for a reason, so give them the answers!  Trust me, they wouldn't ask if it had nothing to do with their service.  Be detailed and be honest.

*Remember that officiants do this for a living.  The latest trend is to have a friend or relative get ordained online and perform a ceremony.  While this is not always a bad thing (we did it and it worked out great), it can be dangerous.  Public speaking is the number one fear in America and a wedding is not exactly a low pressure situation.  Be aware that if you choose this route, things might not go exactly according to plan.

Hope these tips help you in your search for the perfect officiant!  Remember, don't leave your search until the last minute, and find someone who really clicks with you and your fiance.  After all, the ceremony is the whole reason for a wedding in the first place!

Choose an officiant who makes you smile!  Photo courtesy of Courtney Tomey.

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