Thursday, April 12, 2012

What the Pros Want You to Know: DJs and Bands

Aaaand we're back for What the Pros Want You to Know Part Three!  I have a soft spot in my heart for musicians, being married to one, and I love me a good wedding band.  Also, being a coordinator and someone who, as a wedding guest, looks forward to the dancing portion of the evening, I know the importance of a good DJ.  I have seen DJs save a ho-hum reception and I have seen DJs kill a rockin' party.  Entertainment is super important!  Here is what the music pros want you to know!

*If you want to have a lot of dancing at your reception, don't schedule too many "events."  If you have multiple (and/or lengthy) toasts, a bouquet toss, a garter toss, cake cutting, a money dance, etc. you don't leave a lot of time for boogying.  Schedule accordingly.

*If you are going to hire a live band for some or all of your reception (which I highly recommend, have you heard of Matt and the Matchmakers?) make sure they have some wedding experience.  A wedding is not like any other gig--there is a much different flow.  If you hire a band that is used to playing the bar scene, they might not have the "wedding" style you are looking for.

*DJs put in quite a few hours of prep time before your big day.  They do a lot of planning in terms of working out a schedule, getting to know the bride and groom and selecting and procuring songs.  Keep this is mind when looking at prices.

*If you are going to go without a coordinator on the actual day of your wedding, your DJ is a great resource when it comes to putting together your schedule.  They have a ton of knowledge about the flow of the reception and how things should be timed and ordered.  If you do have a day of coordinator, make sure you, your DOC, and your DJ are all on the same page when it comes to the schedule.

*Feel free to let your DJ know what songs you like/don't like.  Any good DJ is going to ask you for your play/do not play list, and this is a good thing.  What is not a good thing is putting a crazy number of songs on each side of the list.  DJs know what songs are going to get a crowd dancing, and they are typically good at reading the room and knowing what kind of music to play for what crowd.  Give them some suggestions, but don't limit them too much.  Also, even though songs like "Celebrate" and "Shout" might seem old-fashioned or over done, they typically get everyone out on the floor.  Don't rule them out unless you absolutely have to.

Check out this awesome band!

Hopefully these tips will help all of your musical dreams come true!  Tune in next week for What the Pros Want You to Know: Officiants!

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