Monday, March 5, 2012

Be Our Guest!

Ah guest books.  Like wedding favors, guest books are one of those wedding traditions that seem to be shifting in purpose.  In the past, guest books were more of a legal document than a memento.  Before modern times, any guest who attended the wedding was considered a legal witness and was required to sign.  Over the past few decades guest books have morphed from a formal and stuffy looking album, to picture books, to just about any object that means something to the couple.  These days couples are using the guest book as a way to express their theme and their personalities.  These are just a few options for creative guest books. (Click pic for original source.)

For music lovers:

Guests can sign a framed record or a musical instrument.

For the winos:

Guests can sign wine bottles that the bride and groom will enjoy on their anniversaries for the first five years of marriage (that's our guest book in the top pics, the bottles are on display on our bar!).  Or guests could sign a collection of wine corks.

For the young at heart:

Have guest sign puzzle pieces or fill out Mad Libs about the couple.

For the sentimentalists:

 Guests can sign a piece of furniture or a large monogram.  You could also have guests leave their thumbprints on an illustrated design.

Your guest book doesn't need to be boring, in fact it should be something that represents you and your fiance.  Don't be afraid to think outside of the box!


  1. Don't forget about a cute address box guestbook, ;)

  2. Such cute ideas...very clever. The wine bottles are fantastic :)