Friday, June 17, 2011

Best. Project. Ever.

I don't think I have ever been so excited about something I crafted.  Seriously.  But first, wedding plans have been going well.  I am working on all the little details, trying to get something done every day.  Since most of my readers are going to be at the wedding, I don't want to give too many surprises away so for now, I am going to be sharing projects I am working on for all the pre-wedding events.  Today's is for my bachelorette party!

My girls and I decided to hold my party at the amazing Edison in downtown LA.  The club is absolutely gorgeous and decked out in lots of cool 1920's details.  Originally, we were going to turn it into a costume party, but figured that might be a little difficult to swing.  Instead, everyone is being encouraged to wear lots (I mean lots.  Seriously.) of sparkle.  Glitter, rhinestones, sequins, all are a must.  I already had a pretty plain white dress picked out and decided to jazz it up with some of my signature color (hopefully you've figured that out by now).  I (and by I, I mean my mom) bought this awesome pink glitter ribbon to use for a belt.  I figured I needed shoes to match, but couldn't find any that were the right color.  Enter best. project. ever.  Check it out.
I bought some cute and relatively comfortable heels at Marshall's for $30.  My main criteria in the shoe search were shape (peep toe), comfort, and a light color.

I wasn't super fond of the little curlicues on top, so I cut them off.  This was a lot easier than expected and it was nice because it gave me a small amount of the shoe material to use as a test strip.

The next step was to take fabric glue and a sponge brush and coat the shoes in the glue, trying to get it as smooth as possible.  Then, I doused the sticky shoes in pink glitter.  Michael's has literally every color glitter you could want in their scrapbook section.  Buy the big one.  Once I had the first coat done, I used super glue to go back and touch up.  Then, I sprayed the shoes with hairspray to seal it all in and voila!  Here they are!

A couple of warnings about this project.  First, it is messy.  There is glitter everywhere.  And when you are super glueing, you will get glitter stuck to your hands that will take a day or so to come off.  Second,  it takes some time.  You have to let the shoes sit between glueings so that they can fully dry.  I have been working on these for a couple of days now.  But, to me, totally worth it!  Can't wait to wear them!  I hope I see lots of sparkly shoes on everyone's feet!  I'm thinking of doing a clutch too...would that be overkill?

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  1. OMG, these look great! They look store bought. Well done! Thanks for the tip!